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I have come to the realization that part of my lack of motivation for this blog has to do with my dislike of how certain things came to be and played out, which was different from my intent. There’s also few personal things I’m not gonna mention here.

Ultimately… I have decided to put this blog on an infinite hiatus, but may be doing reboots of the characters in the form of one or two new blogs, one for Nitro and Boost and the other, if I can work out some details, for King Candy and Turbo.

Nitro and Boost would be played closer to how I intended them to be, but one of them will be a girl this time. There will be only hints of their relation to my Turbo until I can come up with a few more ideas for the other blog.

IF I reboot the King Candy and Turbo side, they will remain a couple, but KC will be played a bit closer to canon and Turbo will only undergo a few minor changes, such as a name change to differentiate him from Canon Turbo and other Turbos.

I am still undecided on whether or not I will be deleting posts from my revival of this blog, however, since it was better off before I took over completely.

I’m sorry, but I’ve tried to find motivation to continue this blog, I’ve tried to answer rps and finish fics, but I couldn’t finish anything, every time I tried I couldn’t think of anything to do.

I will continue to reblog Sweet Ride fanart and fanfiction to this blog as I had always done, and when the new blogs are done I’ll post links up here, but other than that, for the time being I do not think I will be making any other posts here.

((Blog is going on a hiatus until further notice til I can get my motivation back for it. I do not plan on shutting down the blog but for the past couple of weeks I have been finding it hard to continue rps and write stories to further the plot I’ve had. In the mean time I will be on my main as well as getting started on an OC blog to try and re-ignite my motivation for here.))

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Here’s something that I did in between work. Make way for the biggest brat of the arcade!


Here’s something that I did in between work. Make way for the biggest brat of the arcade!

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actual bugtaur


actual bugtaur


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